Re-sellers, Wholesalers, & Distributors

Are you interested in Distributing or Selling Fuelshaker? We are currently establishing partnerships all over the world. By joining us as a reseller or distributor you will get access to all the necessary know-how to promote and sell our products.

As a distributor or reseller, you can buy our product in bulk at a discounted price based on the order quantity, or optionally receive a commission based on sales volume. We are a highly motivated team and flexible in our approach, and surely you will enjoy working with us.

Our products are innovative and of highest quality, with low minimum order quantities. Since launch, both Fuelshaker and Fuelshaker Pro have taken social media by storm and have proved successful products via sales on

The Fuelshaker brand is one that stresses a healthy lifestyle- through nutrition, fitness, and more. We hope that our brand and culture align with your goals.

We do strongly evaluate who we work with and what type of platform you're currently running, so please reach out to us with your information.

Please get in touch with us here or contact us on for more info. We would love to hear from you!

Private Labeling

Are you a retailer or supplement company with your own brand? Then please check out our Private Label section for information about our custom labeling process and how to get in touch.