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Are Fuelshaker products safe to use?

Yes. All of our Fuelshaker products are made from high quality food-grade raw materials, and are absolutely BPA-free and lead-free!

Are Fuelshaker bottles dishwasher safe?

Yes. Every part of the Fuelshaker is dishwasher safe, including the agitator.  While we recommend hand washing, if you decide to use a dishwasher we recommend using the top rack for the body, lid and container, while placing the agitator in the silverware bin. 

Do Fuelshaker products meet global safety standards?

Yes. Fuelshaker engineering and design teams come from Switzerland and Fuelshaker bottles are designed to meet global safety standards.

Are Fuelshaker bottles microwave-safe?

No. Although the components that are used in Fuelshaker products are completely safe, Fuelshaker contains stainless steel parts within the supplement container, making it unsuitable for microwave usage. We strongly recommend that you do not put the container in the microwave.

Can I freeze my Fuelshaker?

We do not recommend freezing the Fuelshaker. As it is made of plastic, the Fuelshaker may be more susceptible to cracking and/or breaking after freezing. The container system might also be damaged if frozen. However, if you decide to freeze your Fuelshaker, we recommend to keep the container open and the agitator out, while also leaving room at the top to let the contents inside expand.

Can I Fuel my Fuelshaker with hot liquids?

No. Placing hot or warm liquids inside of the bottles is known to greatly increase the pressure inside, which can result in the cap to opening unexpectedly and spraying the contents. If you decide to place hot liquids inside, hold the lid with one finger while shaking it as well as pointing the mouthpiece away from your face to prevent any accidents.

What is the capacity of the Fuelshaker bottle?

Fuelshaker Ice and Fuelshaker Classic bottles have a 500 milliliter capacity.

A part of my Fuelshaker bottle broke, what can I do?

If you have any sort of problem with your Fuelshaker bottle, please contact us immediately with a description and a picture of the problem.

Where are Fuelshaker products made?

Our corporate offices are located in Delaware, USA. Our products are designed in Switzerland and manufactured in China.

When I place my order I don’t get a tracking number automatically- how do I track it?

Our system takes 24 to 48 hours to generate a tracking number from the warehouse that manages your shipping. If you have been waiting for a tracking number for more than 48 hours, please email us.

Can I ship Fuelshaker Worldwide?

Yes. We have a warehouse in US which can ship worldwide. Time frames, delivery options and prices may vary according to your location. We are always trying to improve and make our processes better. If you have any suggestions, please let us know so we can help you.

What is your Shipping Policy?

We ship domestic and worldwide using USPS.

Domestic US shipping costs $4.99 and shipping times can take from 3-8 business days. 

International shipping can take up to 20 business days depending on customs, and costs $9.99 USD for standard shipping. Not all countries qualify for standard shipping, so shipping rates may vary. Upgraded shipping is available for quicker rates. Please see shipping options for your country during checkout. 

Orders ship within 2 business days of placing an order, while most orders are dispatched within 1 business day. Orders placed Friday-Sunday will be shipped out on the following Monday.

Please check your spam folder for emails from our customer service team regarding your tracking number and if there is a problem with your address- this can delay your shipment and may require your attention.

Orders are exported to our shipping team almost immediately- please ensure that the address is correct prior to finalizing purchase.

Domestic US customers: if your shipment is labeled as Delievered according to USPS/tracking, yet you have not seen or received your package, please inquire with your local USPS Post Office. 

Note: listed above are estimated delivery times. USPS handles all shipping, and delays may occur due to weather and other reasons that are out of our control. We do apologize if your delivery falls outside of the time frame or experiences delays along the way. The same goes for our international customers, especially when in the hands of local postal services. 

What is your Exchange Policy or Warranty Policy?

Fuelshaker will replace any bottles sold within 6 months that have a manufacturing defect. Please fill out our claim form and we'll review it within 3 business days.

What is your Return Policy?

We currently do not accept returns. If your bottle has a manufacturing issue, please fill out our claim form and we'll send a replacement. 

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