Want to boost your workout performance? If you’ve been working hard in the gym and are ready to step up your game, seeing what you can push yourself to do, it’s imperative that you have a good support system behind you.

Few things will provide that support like the right mix of supplements.

Three of the most powerful supplements that you’ll want to consider taking include protein powder, creatine, and glutamine.

Let’s walk you through what each of these do so that you can see what they have to offer.

Protein Powder

Protein powder, as the name suggests, is a way to get protein into your day. As an active individual, your protein needs are going to be higher than your sedentary counterparts and if you don’t want to be eating multiple servings of chicken breast, eggs, steak, or fish each day, protein powder makes meeting those requirements easy.

They’re also designed for rapid absorption immediately post workout when your body needs fuel the most.  By supplementing with a whey isolate protein powder in the minutes following your sessions, you give your body the nutrients it needs to rebuild the broken down muscle tissues.

The result is faster recovery and more progress.

Protein powder is also highly convenient, so can be used at any point during a busy day when you don’t have time to have a full meal.


The next supplement to consider is creatine.  Creatine phosphate is the precursor to the high energy compound ATP, which is the fuel that powers each intense muscular contraction that takes place during a workout session.

Without creatine, ATP cannot be produced, so once your creatine stores run out, your workout intensity will take a hit.

By supplementing with creatine, you ensure that you always enter each workout with a full supply. While you can get creatine naturally in the diet through sources like beef, if you aren’t eating high amounts each day, the chances you are staying fully saturated are very low.

Creatine will be essential for those who are doing numerous intense strength training or sprint interval training workouts per week. It’s also highly beneficial for athletes as well due to the stop and go nature of their sports.

By using it, you’ll be able to put in more work during each workout session you do, performing more sets, reps, and using more weight. This all translates into greater strength and muscle size gains.

For best results, you should take creatine either immediately before a workout session or immediately post workout.  It will work best when combined with a fast acting carbohydrate source as well, as that will spike blood glucose levels, driving the creatine into the muscle cells where its needed.


Finally, the last supplement that you might want to consider adding to your arsenal of products is glutamine.  Glutamine is a particular amino acid that plays a key role in your immune system health.

Each time you do a workout session, your immune system is going to take a beating, so having a little additional glutamine on your side, ensures that you recover as quickly as possible.

Those who are training very hard are more prone to falling ill as well, and glutamine can help ensure that that doesn’t happen.

Glutamine should be taken immediately post workout as well as before bed if you prefer, using a 5 gram dose each time.


So there you have a closer look into three key supplements that can help you move one step further in your workout program. Keep in mind that none of these are required to see results, but they can definitely help give you the edge you are looking for. All of these supplement powders and protein powder can be used with our Fuelshaker shaker bottle before or after your workout! Find out more here.