For many individuals, the number one thing that they struggle with is keeping their motivation levels on track. They start off with their fitness or nutrition plan fully motivated and full speed ahead.

Only, after about one or two weeks, they find that they are no longer feeling that same ambitious and may be skipping workouts or indulging in foods they shouldn’t have.

Frustrated, they often fall off the bandwagon, blaming their low motivation levels and incompetency.

While a bad day here and there is perfectly normal, if you are continually struggle to maintain motivation, you need a game plan around this. The “Don’t Break The Chain Technique”, created by Jerry Seinfeld himself, may just do the trick.

Let’s look more closely at what this is all about!

The Approach

In order to execute this approach, all you need is a regular paper calendar and a green and red pen. Now, set your goal that you want to achieve.

Each day you take steps forward to reach that goal, you get a large green checkmark. If you fail to take the right steps (say you skip a gym workout or you eat a slice of cake), you now get a large red ‘x’.

The reason why this works is because many people will get a number of green checkmarks in place and simply looking at this makes it motivating.

Do you really want a red ‘X’ to break up the chain? After reviewing it, most people decide they don’t and manage to get themselves to the gym or say no that piece of food they were eyeing up.

They simply want to keep the chain going, so this serves as a motivational source.

Putting It Into Practice

Now, one word of caution, this can work against you if you aren’t smart. Let’s say your goal is to lose fat and make sure that you hit the gym regularly. So you get five green checkmarks for the week and the weekend hits.

Do you keep going to the gym? Remember, rest is key in a proper workout plan as well. So in this case, if Saturday is a designated rest day, you would get a green checkmark if you don’t go to the gym and take the rest day instead.

If you did go to the gym, that would be a red ‘X’ as you did something you weren’t supposed to do- something that wasn’t on the plan.

This will ensure that you don’t end up overtrained because you wanted so many green checkmarks for hitting the gym.

Remember that balance is key, so build that into the protocol as well.

So if you are struggling to be motivated, give this technique a try. It won’t cost you any money and will only help to boost the chances that you stick with it and finally reach those goals you have been going for.