Why Fuelshaker?

No more oversized bottles, no more powder hassle, no more cleaning issues, no more 7 bottles in your back seat!

Fuelshaker gives you the freedom to carry your supplements around during the whole day or training session, while being able to use it as a water bottle to stay hydrated. Lugging around your protein in a messy container is a thing of the past.

Whether you’re going to the office or the gym, bring your Fuelshaker to keep you hydrated and fuel your body. Our “Fueler” (Our specially designed protein cartridge) allows you to carry any type of nutritional supplement and mix it with the water whenever you really need it, hassle-free!

But, what happens if you have more than one supplement round? We have additional Fueler cartridges for you to carry more powders separately if you need more.

Dishwasher, and freezer safe, Fuelshaker is designed to be the most hygienic shaker in the market!

What you get with Fuelshaker:

  • You get the best-looking shaker bottle on the market, molded from strong polypropylene plastic, all BPA-Free!
  • Convenience: The beautifully-molded bottle has a leak-free cap and fold-down clip for carrying.
  • Easy to clean bottle: Cleaning is simple as each compartment and piece is removable and dishwasher safe.
  • Every Fuelshaker bottle comes with a screw-in fueler cartridge to contain your supplements and protein powder and keep them dry until you're ready to mix with your liquid.
  • Stand out at the gym: Between the Fuelshaker Ice and Fuelshaker Classic collections, you can choose from 11 colors- mix caps, bottles and agitators from both collections for hundreds of combinations!